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1. What You Hear Is What You Get:


An excerpt from the 'CD mix' 

...and a minute or so of James Taylor's

'The World Is New' (mp3)

'How Sweet It Is' (mp3)

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bestellen (Deutsch)
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BONUS TRACK to download!! An original Phil Newton song featuring Titus Vollmer on guitar. 

Only available here!! 

long gone..mp3 

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2. Phil & Renate - Best!
Two songs from Phil & Renate's live programme... Sorry, I have had to remove these titles!


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3. Born In Bavaria:

Born In Bavaria Two minutes of 'Hurra'

(slide guitar solo by Titus Vollmer)

'hurra' (mp3)

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4. heroes at forty:
heroes at forty

When I finally get round to returning to the studio this album will be the first on the list. 

Stay tuned!!



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       Updated: 21 May 2008