Six Hand Reel

Dynamic Irish music and a few favourites thrown in...

Phil, Paul and Paul (Steve the drummer has disappeared!)Gigs: 2004 - the band is taking a bit of a break! Stay tuned for the next gigs

Kilian's, Munich -  t.b.a.

Finnegan's Wake, Mainburg - t.b.a

Shamrock, Munich -  t.b.a


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Last update: 22.03.2004

Six-Hand Reel.......? Well it has to be green and orange, doesn't it?

This is where I get the chance to play bass.

The band-members are: Paul Daly, from Dublin, who's the lead singer and rhythm guitarist and the Richards brothers, from Cornwall, Paul on mandolin, lead guitar and harmony and lead vocals and Steve on mini-drums.

The music is a mixture of traditional Irish folk - jigs and reels, Country and Western and a lot of other far-too-well-known songs to sing along to or, if you're in the mood, to get up and dance to.

Photos on the way.

You can hear some of our stuff on the Shamrock CD 'Best Cellar Sounds' - see the Irish pub homepage.


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