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All The Details!!...(and some lies...)
Born: Ferry crossing the Mersey
Yes, I was certainly born...up in Liverpool in the north-west of England, within the scent of the River Mersey in &%$#*
(My goodness, the year wouldn't fit on the strange) There I spent the first 18 years of my life before I left to...


At Birmingham University I was one of very few people who studied Ancient and Modern Greek. For two years we struggled with both languages until in my third year I went to...
View of Ioannina from the mountain road
I lived in Ioannina in north-west Greece for two years - the start of an on-going love-affair with the country.The Kastro

When I came back and finished my degree - my full title is P. Newton, BA (Hons.) - I went back to Liverpool for a year where I worked in a Chicken Factory (a dream job - and probably the subject of my...hmm, fourth book, let's say). Then I moved on to London and got some experience (in fact all the experience I'll ever need) of television advertising, working in connection with the advertising agencies for Scottish Television. A year of that was enough so I moved on to...




Munich and the AlpsMunich:

(...does anyone know a good link for Munich?

Meanwhile try: Munich )
Mmm,the Augustiner Beergarden in Arnulfstr!
The beer-gardens and music scene captured me (along with parenthood) and I've been here since 1980.
The rest is history...
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