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Grammar is not so bad as you think - really!! Especially English grammar.

As all students on my courses know -


Just remember these two tips...


is not



is not       



One more thing to keep in mind is that 'grammar' only sounds complicated because it's full of technical names - once you know the names it's easy!! 

For example:

Teacher: What's the 'Nominative First Person Singular Personal Pronoun'?

Student: Oh god, oh god!!!, I..., er, I...

Teacher: Yes, 'I', that's correct! 'I' is the Nominative First Person Singular Personal Pronoun, excellent!!


You can impress your friends and family with this kind of thing:

You: Hello dear, today was hard. In English we did the Nominative First Person Singular Personal Pronoun...

Wife/husband/friend: You poor swine! Sit down and relax, I'll bring you a beer/wine/etc....


And for those times when you just can't remember how the grammar works here are a few pages to download and keep - there's more to come!! Lots more...



Irregular Verbs


'To Be'/Present Simple/Present Continuous/Past Simple/Past Continuous/Present Perfect/Future Simple/'going to' Future


Personal Pronouns


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