The Doctor Is In

Problems - that's what you live on.

Problems - that people give you.

Everybody's got something in their past - bad memories, sad stories.

You touch a nerve and they come out fast - eyes down for a full diagnosis.

The doctor is IN - and he will cure you of everything that you had.

The doctor is IN - and he'll find solutions for problems that drove you mad.

The doctor is IN - he'll find explanations for all that went before.

The doctor is IN - but you'll never find him when realiity's knocking at your door.



You take their troubles but you take their money too and finding a solution - no problem.

It' so easy to reacjh a decision looking back with twenty-twenty hindsight vision.

The doctor is IN...

Problems - they don't get better.

Problems - they last forever.

You never get to the bottom of the case - the more you dig, the more confusion.

Make up a theory, pull a rabbit from a hat, yeah - and nine out of ten will agree because...

The doctor is IN...

Copyright: ęPhil Newton 1998

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