Nine-to-Five Blues.'Clocks' by William (4)

You wake up under cloudy suburban skies,

The day ahead is holding no great surprise...nine-to-five blues.

And you listen to the good-morning radio, 'Howdy folks,

I welcome you to the show'...nine-to-five blues.

Last night you had a skinful at 'The Lion And Sun', oh yeah.

The alcohol protects you from the tedium, oh yeah.


You drag your body down the same old streets,

At the bus-top there's the faces you always meet...nine-to-five blues.

At work the hours are like lead - heavy and grey,

Stare at the computer day after day...nine-to-five blues.The Grosvenor Arms, Grosvenor Street, London

At five you drift across into 'The Grosvenor's Arms', oh yeah.

The office gossip, gins and tonics keep you warm, oh yeah.

You do it forty years and then they throw you out, oh yeah.

And all the work you did it wasn't worth a shout, oh yeah.


You wake up under....


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Copyright: ęPhil Newton 1997